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Voiceover talent

In addition to our own expert voiceover services, we maintain a casting database of both union and non-union voice actors of various ages, genders, accents, foreign languages, and character voices. So whatever you need for your next project--you can find it with us.

Casting, directing and more

In addition to voice acting/voiceover services, we also provide VO casting, VO session directing, VO recording/engineering, ADR, audio editing, sound design, mixing/mastering, music composition, recording and production, copywriting and editing, script adaptation and localization, and ISDN capabilities.

All areas

We work with animation, video games, commercials (radio, TV, internet, etc.), audiobooks, narration (corporate, medical, technical, documentary, promos), mobile apps, e-learning, telephony (IVR, on-hold messages, voicemail message services) and more.

Meet The Team

Meet the awesome team behind MB VoiceWorks!

Melanie Ehrlich

Melanie Ehrlich

Melanie is an actress, voice actor, and director with 300+ VO credits to her name. She has taken her extensive performance background into her casting and directing work for MB VoiceWorks, where she cast and directed Media Blasters' first ever in-house English-language anime dub of Holy Knight, and cast Ladies Versus Butlers. As a solo act, Melanie fully cast and directed the voice acting for the game Norse Noir, notable for including up-and-coming voice actors right alongside veteran voice talent from games including League Of Legends, World Of Warcraft, Pillars Of Eternity and Bioshock Infinite.

Melanie voices Kaede Tenjouji in Ladies Versus Butlers, Chizuru in Holy Knight, and background characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V. Melanie also voices Vella Wilde, one of the main characters in the upcoming video game YIIK from Ackk Studios, which is scheduled for release on the Wii U, PS4, PS Vita, PC, Mac and more in late 2015. She has also recently been seen on screen in Investigation Discovery's hit TV series Momsters: When Moms Go Bad and Redrum, and in the film Tumbledown starring Jason Sudeikis and Rebecca Hall (2015 Tribeca Film Festival Spotlight selection). She happily lives in NYC with her two adorable, fuzzy bunnies.

To learn more about Melanie and her work, visit her website at www.MelanieEhrlich.com.

Brittany Lauda

Brittany Lauda

Brittany is a voice actress, casting director and voice director, with voiceover credits in anime (Pokemon, Ladies Versus Butlers, Queen's Blade Rebellion, Holy Knight, Prince Adventures), games (Heroes of Newerth, Strife, HuniePop, Lovely Little Thieves), Hasbro apps (My Little Pony, Transformers) and more. She is known for both casting and directing the upcoming video game title YIIK, which is an exhilirating, progressive and emotional RPG debuting in 2015, assisting in directing the game Mind: Path to Thalmus and is also the voice director for the series Shattered Heaven. In addition to voiceover, Brittany enjoys reading comics, collecting pinny arcade pins, playing with her Shiba Inu puppy and playing video games.

To learn more about Brittany, visit her website at www.brittanylauda.com.

Contact Us

Professional inquiries/prospective clients: Please feel free to contact us at any time via email at info (at) mbvoiceworks (dot) com.

Press inquiries: Please email press (at) mbvoiceworks (dot) com.

Talent submissions: We are not currently accepting talent submissions. Please check our Facebook page for updates. If you are an aspiring voice actor interested in developing your skills, you can visit Melanie's voiceover class website here or sign up for her mailing list here for more info.

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